About us

Christiansen Oberweis Cardoso Architects, short COCA, was founded by three architects. Our approach to Architecture is engineering based, an approach where a craftsman-like methodology is brought to bear on all aspects of the building process.




Eric Christiansen studied and lived in Austria until 2012 and Tiago Cardoso spent most of his life in Portugal before moving to Luxembourg in 2011. After living in Austria, London and Ghana, Carine Oberweis settled again in Luxembourg in 2014.


Eric and Carine studied together and share a passion for Austria’s diverse Architecture, that passion for diversity and quality is also what brought them to Tiago. Carine and Eric met Tiago whilst hiking through Luxembourg’s beautiful countryside. We believe that nature is a great source of inspiration.


We share a passion for sustainable, clear and exciting Architecture that sparks the interest of the observer through its purity and timelessness.


COCA creates buildings that are minimal, simple and elegant; buildings that appeal to everyone, regardless of their cultural or social background.


” COCA is unique. COCA is a pioneer practice. COCA creates atmospheres. Our buildings tell stories. “


We have extensive experience in the building and construction industry and have a large international portfolio including projects in Luxembourg, Austria, the United Kingdom, Portugal and Ghana. Our exposure to different markets and styles of architecture has allowed us to build a company that focuses on detail and is structured around solving our clients’ problems and achieving their aspirations. It has also provided us with a flexible and “can do” approach to delivering these aspirations. Our commitment to detail and quality however, remains unwavering regardless of budget or site.





As a studio we are creative, we believe that Architecture can enrich people’s lives. We spend time understanding how the synergy of space, light and material can create bespoke solutions for each and every project.




Construction projects are a journey between the Client and the Architect, our objective is to make that journey for our clients as rewarding, pleasant and ultimately as satisfying an experience as we possibly can. We are committed to our clients and to the projects which we share with them.





Our projects range in size and topologies, from private homes to social housing schemes, from home extensions to community centres. Along with the full OAI (Ordre des Architectes et Ingénieurs) architectural service, we also have expertise in thermal bridge calculation as well as low energy and Passivhaus consultancy.


We look forward to starting a journey with you.



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